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Ahhhh... the stories!

There are indeed plenty of stories to be told. Of that I can assure ye. I've been compiling and working on my Memoirs and soon... rather soon.. ye shall be enjoying the tales spun by this wicked Lady. 
No... these stories will not by like those unimaginative Fan Fictions that be overwhelming yo'r poor senses (ye poor things!). 

Also, once again... I will state... that I am the ONE and ONLY Lady Barbossa! I noticed that a crazy girl hath meandered to this here establishment, stating in her profile that she was Lady Barbossa. Hahaha, I assure ye, ya fine lot of folks, that this gal is NOT me! Truly.. I am not a foolish and arrogant enough to be absurd. Ambassador? What th' devil? Ambassador of what? Might I state that women were NOT Ambassadors during my life time! Courtesans, yes, but not Ambassadors. Ambassadors were not as highly employed as one may think. Alas, that gal needs to do a we bit more research so she doesn't appear so foolish! 

Keep a weathered eye upon this here log, m' dears. I'm sure I shan't disappoint. 

~Lady B

The one.. the ONLY!!!...

... the Infamous!
Yes, I am on a civil rampage at the sight of my name sullied by imposters! How dare they! Truly! Just as much as Jack Sparrow was irritated with an imposter, as am I. There is only ONE proper Lady Barbossa. Do NOT be fooled, m'dears, with these other women out there who call themselves Lady Barbossa. It is most definitely NOT me! 
I have held the trademark of Lady Barbossa since 2003. Let it be known that yes, those within the Mouse know of my existence. I receive no ill of it. Instead, rather fancied and encouraged.  
So, to all ye girls out there who call thyself Lady Barbossa... ye may as well retire that attempt, for the REAL Lady Barbossa stands here and is mightily UNHAPPY for soiling m' good name and reputation I have worked YEARS upon! 
And no... the Lady Barbossa is not some exact look alike of Elizabeth Swann... nor some half-clothed, poor choice of a girl that is young enough to be Hector's granddaughter!! Seriously? Where on earth do ye come up with that?!? Do ye really believe he'd go for a half-wit girl who has no inkling of reality within her bones? Do ye know how t' sail and navigate a ship, let alone the parts of a ship? Horsemanship? How t' shoot any flntlock and the parts of a flintlock? Welding a sword proper? Do ye know the dances from the time period? The attire, their names and terms? What about the events of the time? What about tactics and strategy of warfare of the time period? Do ye bloody well know ANY proper pirate in the Pirate Community, or the Historical community for that matter?!? I could ramble a list on and on! Well? Do ye? I guarantee ye do NOT!!! Ya may as well give up now on attempting to out flank me... it will NOT work. I swear it, I can most definitely out flank ye be it on sea or land! NEVER mess with THE Lady Barbossa, who is indeed a proper Lady as dubbed by a Portuguese King and who damn well knows had to handle a ship to a horse, even a gentleman. Oh, and might I add,... could ye very well even SPEAK like someone from th' 18th century? What? No? Ahh, well. Shame upon thee! 
There can ONLY BE ONE LADY BARBOSSA!!! and That Lady Barbossa... IS ME! 
~Lady B

Join my crew!

In 2 months time I return to th' haven known as Port Washington for a fine gathering. Many a good man and woman be there whom I be honored t' call friend and ally. Here I shall carouse with many pirates, privateers, pirate hunters, King's Men, and many others. Even a Mermaid!

I be offerin' to any out there who read this... COME! Join m' crew at this spectacular event. Be a pirate like no other. Have a tale ye can tell for many years t' come! Plenty t' do. Ye've been invited, just show up and request t' sign Articles!
If ye need attire, then lemme know. We can clothe ye in th' finest that's been acquired from our latest Prizes!

Shall see ye at th' Port Washington Pirate Festival, June 3 - 5 at the marina in Port Washington, Wisconsin.


~Lady B


Over the years I have heard of stories and seen women and girls who fancy dear Hector. Some beg to say they are his only Lover, or a mistress. Even a couple who dare call themselves as Mrs Barbossa.
I learned of these women from my travels. Hector's not the only one who travels.
I admit... I am jealous. I had hoped for a good life with dear Hector when we were young. But as you know, our lives led different paths though we have occasionally have cross paths from time to time. But the fancy and adoration for one another has always been there. Love as we all know it.
But to come across so many women and girls who believe they are his true Love, it does boil m' blood and yet I have to laugh. So few have I befriended. But generally, they all 'forget' about him and either move on, marry another, be mistress to another or have died. Now, their death has nothin' to do with me. I have often thought about bringing about their demise but I haven't. Not one of them could pick up a sword or a pistol to defend herself. I find that enough that they are not worth ending their lives. Such a woman unable to equal Hector has no right to be his latest fancy, let alone his lover.
I had thought about fighting them or ending their lives out of jealousy. To show him and other women that I was still alive, still here and I would not share him with anyone. But, I have grown as I admit, I've had my fair share of men as well. Two of them I nearly Married. What an entertaining thought of how Hector would whisk me away from them. Alas, never happened.
I generally entertain myself with the presence of Hector's women. But I have learned that I am his match in every way. Not to sounds arrogant, but I have been told such from many men and women. Even he hath said it to me as well. So, I cannot hang on to that jealousy that wells. It is empty. But I cannot help to watch the faces of these women and girls to learn "their dear Barbossa" is not truly theirs and theirs alone. That he does have lovers and a Wife.
Of all these women and girls, I still remain strongly loyal to him. While all these women and girls have moved on. Love... does not move on.
Now... is he jealous of the men I have had?

~Lady B

More of the Lady's past


For years I have constantly worked on Lady Barbossa's past and who she is. As always, it's a constant work in progress but I have "put down upon paper" the life of the woman known as Lady Barbossa.

Generally, this is what I put on profiles now to make it short and sweet as well as mysterious:

Born to a blacksmith and a merchant's daughter, she was raised to be a Gentlewoman of Society but always had a hidden desire for adventure as she grew up. The girl became a woman, who's fortune was not normality, but a path of mystery, mayhem, malice and misery.
Forced from the familiarity of home into the midst of war. To survive, she had to hide in plain sight. From Gentlewoman of Society to a Dragoon, soiling her hands with the blood of many. From Dragoon to captive of a British Colonel who was her enemy only to become his Fiancee. From Fiancee to mourning the Colonel's demise at the hands of the Spaniards to Adventuress of the New World with a Frenchman and Spaniard. From Adventuress to Harem Slave of a Persian Prince. From Slave to an Apprentice of Big Ben Copper, a friend and mentor. From an Apprentice of a Privateer to a mysterious Pirate Lady sailing forever on the Sea of Stars searching for her Beloved and seeking her fortune in the mortal world.

Claimed titles other than Lady and Captain: Sister of the Siren, Beloved of a man Hell hath spat out, Servant of the Sea, one of Blackbeard's Angels.

A quote she says at times/often: "Tempt Fate! an' toss it all t' Hell!"

And a bit of fun little poetry of words so to speak that defines the Lady:
Specializing in the sweet trade wealth redistribution, mischief making, adventure seeking, freedom fighting, treasure hunting, freelance poaching and roasting, highway opportunist, and debauchery with the occasional Gentleman!
T'was war that invoked m' wild spirit, whisking me away from my innocence. Placing me upon the path to adventure, debauchery and chaos! Those ways drove me to piracy. A black heart and blood lust then drove me further giving in to every deadly sin. Weapons upon my form and at the ready. Intimidating and wild. Courageous and crazy. Haunting and hapless.
Throughout the 18th century I roam. Be it a ship upon the Seven Seas or horseback over uncharted and colonized land, you will find me in the midst of adventure... the heat of battle... or a Gentleman's arms.
Where ever the wind takes me, Adventure awaits me, the Spirits beacon me... and so my heart wishes to comply.

But the story of Lady Barbossa is best defined when it's all drawn out and explained. Such as when she and Hector met which I had ironed out in the previous LJ Entry. They met when in their youth during his "visits" to Charlestowne where she lived. Again, born and raised here, raised to be a proper Gentlewoman of Society. She's rather witty, spirited and sprighly. Over the next couple of years, from 14 to aged 18, they met over and over when he came to Charlestowne. But she was spirited away one day when Hector was at sea. Taken away to another place into the middle of war by a man name Canard and his assistant to kill a man from Naples, who was an Officer, residing in a Fort. The Naples Officer was more or less a Mercenary but Ana could not bring herself to kill him instead she warned him instantly of the plot. While this Naples Officer contemplated and worked alongside his allies, Ana assisted as much as possible within the confines of the Fort. But during the night, tragicly she was raped by a devilish man and he left. In the morning, she learnd that the Naples Officer had disppeared in the middle of the night with the other Officers, abandoning the fort as well as the civilians and most of the besieged army. Pathetic, yes. But Ana, who had gotten in good with the beseiging army because of a handsome young Officer, was given graces and allowed to be a campfollower for a time to find way to get back home. Abandoned, Ana was just as devastated since she had begun to fancy the Naples Officer. And knew he fancied her, too. But they never saw one another again. But within the months to come, Ana learned she was with child and gave birth to a bastard child she named William and left him with a couple who were childless. She left once she was well enough and rejoined the army but this time, in disguise as a youthful man. With good horsemanship, she moved from infantry to become a very good dragoon and was not afraid of the horrors of war, not any more. Deep issues she never delt with were released during these times transforming her from an innocent Gentlewoman to a woman hiding her identity at all costs and enjoying the bloodbath. That is until the toll became too great. Her greatest enemy was a young British Colonel named Doddard. Battling him often on and off the battlefield until she was captured. More and more, those crimes she committed during war were catching up to her and Doddard was more than testing her. Finally, she gave up and gave in, leaving the war before it was over. Now, seeking a way home again but never got that far. Resorting to Highway robbery, mischief, impersonating, smuggling, working, and other shady ordeals.  Always fleeing to escape the gallows. She and the Colonel met once again shortly after the war in a tavern and soon enough the enemies became friends and lovers. He proposed and she accepted. At this time, he and his Regiment was transfered to the Caribbean. She would later follow once the Regiment was established and everything had settled. When she did get there, he was immediately sent to sea for an invasion upon a spanish fleet in port. But alas, he was killed when the invasion force had been ambushed. This devastated her but found some fatherly comfort in a seafaring businessman named Benjamin Copper, aka "Big Ben" to most who knew him. After her time of Mourning, she left for home but instead, joined a Frenchman named Moultre and a Spaniard named Mendoza for adventurous journeys in the New World. It was a venture at sea far from the New World, near the Barbary Coast that the ship she and her comrades sailed upon came underfire of Corsairs. She was captured without knowing the fate of her comrades. Sold in the Slave business to a Persian. She was made a Harem slave, which are not entirely sex slaves, but women isolated and protected from the wicked world. Mostly of the well to do women. Ana was slave to the Persian's 3rd Wife - who mistreated Ana with distain -, then his mother, which if I understand from history and info, if you get in good with the mother, who is the head of the Harem, you have a darn good life! Even as a slave. It was at this time, Ana had reunited with Hector and finally made good on their youthful betrothal vows. But only were able to spend but a few days together before they parted ways once again. Hector intended to return soon though. At this time Big Ben Copper came to 'visit' and she was released to Big Ben as requested per the deal. She assisted Big Ben in privateering for the Persian. But after only a couple ventures, the British came and destroy the Persian's home and region, forcing the Persian to flee bruised and battled with Big Ben and Ana. A life on the seas now as Pirates, they did a good fair damage until they were caught in crossfire and ambushed. Though Big Ben's ship, the Beggar's Chance was destroyed, Big Ben, Ana, the Persian and most of the crew escaped. Hiding out on Madagascar for nigh a month and recovering from wounds, Big Ben retired from his pirating and gave Ana the right to command, so to speak. She and Big Ben's crew took to sea with a small vessel and soon took an east indiaman vessel loaded with goodies. In Madagascar, most of those items were sold off or traded. The east indiaman was modified to be a swifter vessel, hold more sail, and replace parts rotted out. But the east indiaman that the Ana and the crew had renamed the Death's Head, sank after another confrontation with the navy. Luckily, nothing of major value was aboard as most of that was at the stronghold on Madagascar. Most of the crew escaped and took the naval vessel, killing or converting most of the crew. The renamed the naval vessel the Saint Elmo's Fire. With the Saint Elmo's Fire, she was able to obtain more with the amount of cannons but had placed nearly half the cannons at the stronghold on Madagacar. With the Saint Elmo's Fire, she attacked a Spanish fortress, taking much needed supplies, some powerful cannons and two more ships which used one of them for spare parts. The other vessel was taken back in hopes to use. But never got that far when it had mysteriously burned. At that fortress, Ana had discovered Moultre and Mendoza as prisoners for being Soldiers of Fortune to the enemy.  They joined her. The Saint Elmo's Fire was sent on a smuggling venture. Agan, and again. On it's 8th smuggling venture, it was sunk with all hands. Ana had remained upon Madagascar at that time and was upset with the loss of her favoriate ship. Once again, she was in need of a vessel. But this time, she befriended a woman known as Merrideth Angle or as some called her "MerryDeath". She joined forces with the woman, who immediately took claim over the crew as Captain and obtaned a vessel from her former Captain, named the Fool's Gold. After a couple years ventures, Ana parted ways seeking her fortunes once more with life aboard the Fool's Gold too tame for the wicked Lady Barbossa. Taking spare parts from the 2 gutted vessels and the burned spanish galleon, a small, swift vessel was made to make swift hit and runs. This little vessel was dubbed the Beggar's Revenge in honor of Big Ben. Luck befell them when a fantastic vessel caught Ana's eyes, it was loaded with trade items and goods, and plenty of cannon. A nighttime raid upon the fine vessel the Royale was perfect, as they swiftly claimed this Prize ship and it's contents. Most of the crew did not fight, but those who refused to join the pirates were set adrift. Taking the Royale back to Madagascar stronghold, she was modified to be faster, hold more sail, hold more cannon and a strong hold as well as powder magazine and plenty of space for the crew and officers. Larger than any vessel they've had before, this was definitely more of a challenge but well worth it. Renaming the Royale into the Crimson Morning. Making a couple strikes, taking a couple prizes, and weathering some nasty storms and chases that is until the Crimson Morning ran aground a reef and rocks during a hurricane. It was thought all hands were lost until she made a deal with the devil. Which devil, no one could really say. Some say Davy Jones, some day Billy Bones. Frankly, it was both! Most of her crew resurrected and she rescued from death, she pledged alliegance to Billy Bones and servatude to Davy Jones. Given a second chance at life, she renamed her grand ship the Resurrection. Often sailing in the sea of stars between worlds, sailing between the mortal world and the immortal. During this time she became a "Sister" to the Black Syren, a true Siren and daughter of Poseidon. Even dubbed as Blackbeard's Angel when most believed she was one of his "wives" or just simply because she was a pirate woman, often she would lure sea faring men and ships to their doom for Davy Jones or perform a dastardly deed for Billy Bones. More often than not, she was more than fascinated with the mythical, immaterial and immortal. Amassing what she wished, what she could, sometimes keeping it in a stronghold somewhere or offering it some being as a fai trade for something. More often has she crossed paths with Jack Sparrow than she has with her beloved Hector. But she never could fall for his wiles, remaining devoted entirely to Hector Barbossa eventhough she's seduced men. Life for her changed upon Davy Jones' demise. Released from her sevatude by the one she dubbed as "Saint William" to return and remain in the mortal world where she returned to piracy and smuggling and re-established herself as a wealthy woman with a plantation in Jamiaca, estate in Charlestowne, and a stronghold still in Madagascar. Now, she sought to find her Beloved in hopes to live out the remainder of their lives together.

A portion of a profile on The Age of Enlightenment for the character Lady Barbossa, this is a little more detail about some items, family, etc plus a couple additions that I haven't added on tAoE due to hopeful future stories. But is subject to change and not entirely finished either:

Name: Anastasia Elizabeth de Colbe Barbossa
Alias/nicknames: Lady Barbossa, Lady B
Birthdate: ? May 1674
Gender: female
Nationality: British Colonial
Allegiance: self
Birthplace: Colonies
Residence: varies
Location: aboard the Resurrection
Social Status: Lady
Marital Status: Widowed; rumored remarried or still married
Occupation: Adventuress
Rank: Captain; rumored
Financial: independently wealthy
Education: accomplished in reading, writing, arithmetic, needlework
Skills/talents: horsemanship, swordsmanship,
Physical Appearance
-Hair: brunette, slightly wavy; often in fashionable style of the time
-Skin: light, sometimes powdered; some areas tanned where skin is often exposed
-Eyes: hazel green
-Build: medium-heavy build; shapely hourglass; weight *****; height 5'9"
-Scars: bullet scar between breasts at mid breastbone; saber cut on left forearm; scarred "hole" inner part of elbow of left arm; warped skin scarring of right ankle; wound scar upper right thigh; 4 bayonet wounds mid and lower torso; 3 minor cut scars on right hand, one on left hand.
-Other physical attributes: slight limp at times due to injury to right hip, knee and ankle
Personality (This has yet to be filled out; in due time it will be)
-Attire: blue velvet riding habit; crimson red riding habit; red silk gown; golden damask gown; green travel jacket ensamble; black cotton breeches, 2 blue breeches, gray justaucorps, 2 gold damask waistcoats, white jacquard waistcoat, several more pairs of breeches, a few petticoats, several shirts, several waistcoats, couple more justaucorps, couple caracos, jackets, two floral print gowns 
-Furnishings: 2 cedar chests of quilts, sewing box, 4 chests of eating utensils, one chest of cooking utensils, 1 canvas tentage, 1 four-post bed, several rugs of various size and origin, chest of drawers, table, foldable table, travel writing desk and stationary, ( more items )
-Pets: cat named Magellan; monkey named King George whom was gifted to Hector
-Weapons: doglock pistol, dragoon pistol, elaborate pistol, carbine, cavalry saber, foil, hanger, 2 tomahawks, large knife, 2 small knives, french epee, civilian small sword
-Other: estate.... ; a modfied full rigged, square sail galleon the Resurrection;
-Spouse: Jonathan Doddard, deceased; Hector Barbossa
-Children: William
-Father: Richard Allen; remarried to Allarinda Caroline Cox
-Mother Diana Marie; remarried to John Henry Adams
-Siblings: Miriam; Stepsister Ginny Adams; Stepbrothers David Nathaniel Cox & Ortho Cox
-Paternal Grandparents Thomas Richard & Danella Charlotte Patterson
-Maternal Grandparents Martin Conrad & Margarethe (de Colbe)

Again, still need make some more additions there. But this helps give you the idea of who Lady Barbossa is and where she came from.
Keep coming here to see what more has been added. And of course, keep watching as tales and log entries are made.

~Lady B

For the love of Barbossa

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides most definitely will be coming soon, in fact, scheduled to be released in May. Now, many have been broadsided and baffled with Barbossa's new look. Oh, come now! What bedeviling scoundrel and wicked lady what call themselves pirate would not fancy Barbossa... NO MATTER WHAT?!?

I for one, have no qualms. Truthfully. I have not doubted nor critisized dear Hector in any moment of he is in any of the films. Even now with the new outfit and a missing leg - Hector having gone all Long John Silver on us - I am still enjoying it all greatly. He's becoming more of the Gentleman he has so long desired to be! And I have to admit, Long John Silver as well as Blackbeard have been one of my fav pirates.

Being the Lady Barbossa, I fancy Barbossa for who he is. Not adore him simply because he is a pirate, or he's wicked, or because of the monkey. Who the bloody hell ye think gave him the monkey?

Be prepared for another adventure, mates. And be ready for more of Barbossa as he advances with his life. And pray... that he and his Lady shall meet one day.... again.

~:Lady B

The Lady's past

For a couple years at least I have contemplated at times the past of Lady Barbossa. Putting together an extensive history that was fairly practical yet full of adventure. The major missing part was... how she and Hector met, why or how they became infatuated, why they became Beloveds, why they always seemed to be apart, etc.
The part of how Hector and Anastazia met I believe I figured out, as well as how they became sweethearts.
Ana was a youthful girl of wit and spirit, being raised to be a proper Gentlewoman of Charlestowne (Charleston, SC) Society. She enjoyed watching the ships in the harbor often and it was perhaps here that the two youths took notice of one another, befriended over a few visits - since Hector was a youthful teen aboard ship and a couple times a year may have visited Charlestowne. Perhaps, Hector first became infatuated with the charming girl. But his hopes of running away with the young woman and marrying her or even making some attempt at becoming a Gentleman and marry her, were dashed when she was whisked away by two mysterious men. I'm sure after he realized he may have lost her forever, or prayed he could find her someday. He kept with him a trinket or possession that once belonged to her. Over time, I'd say a couple times at least, they just missed one another. Until they finally reunited many years later when he was a new Pirate Captain and she a harem slave to a Persian Prince (no, she was not a sex slave, but the slave to the Persian's Mother). I'm guessing at this point, they made good on their youthful promise of secret betrothal when they were sweethearts and became "husband and wife" in some manner or fashion; somehow, someway. But, as always like in their past, they were apart. From then on, well, stories always become shady.
That particular trinket Hector took and held onto for so long... I have yet to determine. But I have the idea of contacting some of the Barbossa portrayers that I know and discussing with them of what it was that belonged to her that Hector kept to remind him of her always.

So, there we have it, folks. Hector and Ana met in their youth. A boy from Bristol and a Charlestowne girl.

~Lady B

The Lady's Haunts

Ahoy to all ye masses. I've a treat for ye Ladies and Gents. Granted, I've ideas bouncin' about in m' pretty little head, one of them being a PotC fan fic that I've been nit-pickin' at for a few years. I shan't say more than that, but if ye fancy Jack, Hector, Elizabeth, Will, and the whole lot of pirates and good folk of Society, then this be a story well worth readin'.

Now... on to m' haunts.
Aye, ye read correctly. I'll list a few places where ye can find the wicked Lady. First, in this delightful posting, I'll make mention to the new home port, or website in modern terms, of the Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection. This be m' own pirate crew I be attempting to create. Tis never easy, but if ye wish to enjoy a bit of piracy, lots of fun, be a pirate, and ye be in th' area, this is most definitely the pirate crew for ye! So, without further delay, here be th' URL for this fantastic site: http://resurrectionpirates.webs.com
A couple of events upcoming in 2011. Don't miss out if ye can attend.

What further news of th' Lady? Oh, naturally, I delight in hearin' m' dear Hector be gracing th' 4th film of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Now, I know some are downright baffled and unsure of his new appearance. Seriously, lads an' lasses, ladies an' gents, did ye expect him t' wear th' same bleedin' attire ALL th' bleedin' time? He's right nice in his new outfit. Like a proper Gentleman says I. And a Gentleman was what he sought t' be. New sword, new pistol, new attire... new leg. Ok, so he has a wooden peg leg. Or so it seems. I, for one, bein' his Beloved... am fine with that. After all, in sickness and in health, fo' better or worse... etc, etc. No matter what m' dear Hector looks like, he's still th' Captain Barbossa whom captured m' black heart all those years ago. Many years ago. Don't dare ask how many or I'll skewer ye! I be just as handy with th' sword as he.

So, keep a weather eye upon this here journal and good treasures and piratical treats shall be tossed thy way. Tis a promise, mates!

~Lady B

The Lady Hath Returned... again!

Once again, I have returned to LiveJournal. After a long, long absence, t'was befitting that I return to care for a duty that hath been bestowed. Plus figured be proper to tell of th' exploits of this wicked Lady.

I have been establishing a piratical group in the upper Midwest - Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and possibly Minnesota and Michigan, perhaps Missouri as well.
The Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrecton are a pirate crew mixing historical realism and fact with pirate lore, legend, myth, and fiction. Plenty of events around the region now. If ye ever wanted to be a pirate, well, here be yo'r chance! Join us for a one time gig or join the crew for as long as ye wish!
He's the URL for out new website:  http://resurrectionpirates.webs.com 

Also, for all and any interested in the Colonial period who fancies role playing... then ye may want to check out The Age of Enlightenment! It's an 18th century role playing forum and information site. Please, by all means, join in. Both historical and fictional characters welcome. Even create your own character.

Find me on Facebook, likewise with the Resurrection pirates group is also on facebook. Don't forget to visit the Pyracy Pub, a forum for pirates, about pirates, by pirates!

I am Lady Barbossa. The one, the only, the infamous! I shall keep posting more info and perhaps, more logs and stories of this Lady's travels. Hector Barbossa is not the only pirate with an extensive background. And I assure, I am the ONLY one of Barbossa's ladies who can hold more than her own with this legendary Captain. But that... is for another day to tell my tale. ;)

~Lady B


The Lady hath returned!

Ahoy ye lot! 
The Lady hath returned! Aye, tis been a while since last I graced this port. And I hath decided to return to enjoy th' fair musings of many who mingle here. 

I.. shall add more to this meager log fo' the lot of ye to piller with thyne eyes at yo'r whim. 

~Lady B